VMoney offers integrated turnkey solutions that drive costs down and simplify workflows for enhanced business efficiencies.

Key Benefits

Pay your recipients instantly with our online disbursement solution.

Easier and cost-effective for you

Achieve significant cost savings and benefits, including administrative and operational efficiencies, with our low transaction fees.

Instant and flexible

VMoney’s customizable platform is capable of sending individual or mass payouts instantly, making it perfect for salary, commission, or incentives disbursement.

Helpful accounting tool

Complete with a transaction log that updates in real-time, account- ing and reconciliation efficiencies are optimized.

Competitive merchant discount rates for as low as 1%

Collect VMoney payments on your online shop and enjoy our competitive fees.

Lowest transaction fees,
no hardware costs required

Enjoy competitive merchant rates for as low as 1%.

Our proprietary POS app

A cost-effective alternative to traditional POS systems, VMer- chant gives merchants the ability to extract reports for data analysis and targeted marketing campaigns. No need to shell out payments for set up fees or hardware costs. The VMerchant app is free for download at Google Pay and soon, the Apple Store.

Shopping Cart and Inventory Management

Add VPOS to your VMerchant for that integrated turnkey retail solution. Seamlessly track your inventory and create alerts for easy monitoring to manage your supply and demand more effortlessly.

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