Send & Receive Money

You can now send and receive money in real-time, anytime, any- where for a flat fee of P25 only. No hidden fees. Keep more of your hard earned money.

Pay Bills

Pay for your bills straight from your computer or mobile phone. No need to fall in line and waste pre- cious time. Send your payment instantly to over 90 billers.

Buy Prepaid Load

Access over 200 prepaid services from your account. Buy for yourself or send load to others in real-time. You can even make a business out of it.

Shop Online

Did something catch your eye online? Buy from merchants accepting VMoney as a payment option or use your VMoney Prepaid MasterCard to pay.

Sign up and move money the new way.


Prepaid MasterCard

The VMoney MasterCard can be used to shop at retail and online stores or withdraw from any ATM accepting MasterCard. Transfer funds anytime from your account to the Prepaid MasterCard and get ready to spend without going over balance.

Privilege Card

The Privilege Card is linked to your account and can be used within the VMoney network of affiliated merchants and retailers for purchases of products and services.

TAPnPAY devices

Developed to revolutionize cashless payments, VMoney’s unique NFC devices – sticker, bracelet, keychain, ring – grant you direct VMoney account access and enable cashless payments at any establishment by tapping the NFC device onto a VMoney NFC reader. The first in the country to use NFC payments with 2Factor Authentication, VMoney TAPnPAY redefines the standard for security, simplicity, and convenience.

myVMoney App

Instantly access your account and manage your funds using your mobile phone. Enabled with the same functionalities as the website and optimized for mobile user experience, myVMoney is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

DOT Travel Card

In partnership with the DOT’s Tourism Promotions Board, we create the ultimate Travel Card for foreigners and locals alike. With the Travel Card, we provide cardholders with exclusive discounts and perks from partner merchants. For merchants and companies, this is a great opportunity for cross-marketing to attract a booming market of travellers.